Kentucky Final Reports

Below are downloadable files for use by Kentucky Prime Time sites. These forms and reports are designed to help Prime Time team members execute and report on their Prime Time program.

Program coordinators, scholars, storytellers, translators, child care providers, and community organizers must complete an on-line final report within four weeks of completion of a Prime Time program. Program coordinators must also consult the Final Report Checklist below for additional items that must be submitted to KH in hard copy. Please do not use any forms or reports provided by LEH or on the LEH website. No reports should be sent to LEH.

Please send all hardcopy items in one compete package to:

Kathleen Pool, Associate Director
Kentucky Humanities
206 E. Maxwell St.
Lexington, KY 40508

Please call or write if you have any questions: or (859) 257-5472

Program Forms:

Family Entry Survey (On-line)PDF Sample   


Family Exit Survey (On-line)/ PDF Sample  


Family 90-Day Survey (PDF)

Photo Release Form (PDF)

Translator Sample Contract (Word File)

Preschool Coordinator Sample Contract (Word File)

Report Forms:

Final Report Checklist / Travel Voucher (Excel version of travel voucher)
Kentucky Scholar and Storyteller Final Report (PDF version for reference)    (On-line)
Kentucky Program Coordinator Final Report (PDF version for reference)   (On-line)
Kentucky Childcare Provider Report (PDF version for reference)   (On-line)
Kentucky Community Organizer/Translator Final Report (PDF version for reference)   (On-line)

Additional Resources

KH logo (JPEG)
Prime Time general information brochure for Kentucky (PDF)
Prime Time 10 Year Impact Study (PDF)


Site Visit Report (On-line)