This is a list of documents that grantees will need in order to successfully execute they grant projects.
  • Financial Handbook - It outlines the financial procedures used with all KH grants. Please review these procedures carefully with your project bookkeeper, who should also receive a copy.
  • List of Congressional Delegation - KH grants are made possible through federal funds appropriated annually by Congress.  Letters from project directors to their senators and representatives are extremely important.  Otherwise, Kentucky’s Congressmen may not realize the far-reaching effects of KH grant-funded programs.
  • Kentucky Humanities Logos
  • List of Kentucky Humanities Board Members - Your grant application was reviewed and approved by members of Kentucky Humanities. Please include all KH Board Members in mailings related to your project. You might want to invite Board Members in your area to attend your project.
  • Audience Evaluation Form - Please distribute these forms to a small sample of your audience and then return the forms directly to KH office.
  • Project Director's Final Report - This form must be completed and returned at the end of your grant period.  The final 10% of your grant award will be held until this report has been submitted.  Please include photos, publicity materials, and samples of your work related to your project when possible. 
  • Blank Final Financial Report -Your project bookkeeper will use this form at the end of the project period to report how grant funds were spent and what match was contributed. Refer to the Handbook if you wish to deviate from this approved budget. This report is included with the grant award letter and has columns one and three completed with the budgeted information. Bookkeeper should complete columns two and four with the actual information.
  • In-Kind Contribution Form and Explanation
  • Grant Cash Request Form
  • Publicizing your KH Sponsored Event
  • Grant Events Detail List