Prime Time for Schools

Kentucky Humanities is accepting applications for Prime Time programs to take place in public schools in 2025.

The application deadline to apply for schools to host a Prime Time Family Reading Program during the 2025 calendar year is September 15, 2024. Click here for application form.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Pool at Kentucky Humanities at (859) 257-5472. E-mail:

Louisiana Endowment for Humanities Prime Time web site

Click here to download the Prime Time Family Reading brochure.

For Spanish version of the Prime Time Family Reading brochure, click here.

Para la versiónen español delfolleto Prime Time Family Reading, haga clicaquí.

Click here to download the 'Finding the Humanities in Children's Literature' PDF


Prime Time Family Reading

This form should be used by libraries, schools, or community centers wishing to host a Prime Time Family Reading Program in 2024.