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Kentucky Humanities is serious about telling Kentucky's story.

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Government Shutdown and Kentucky Humanities

You are well aware that the federal government shutdown, now the longest in U.S. history, has many repercussions, some immediate and direct, others long-term and gradual.

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Sara Volpi joins KH staff

We are excited to announce that Sara Volpi has joined our staff, serving as the director of the Kentucky Book Festival!

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Episode 71 - Dr. Gerald Smith, Professor of History at the University of Kentucky
Host Bill Goodman is joined by distinguished scholar, professor of history, co-editor of the Kentucky African American Encyclopedia, and pastor, Dr. Gerald Smith. Dr. Smith provides thoughts and reflections honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and explains how King's message of freedom and equality resonates in 2019. Dr. Smith uses an historical perspective to analyze the contemporary issues that Dr. King would address today.  More episodes


We Are the Humanities

This video is a production of the Federation of State Humanities Councils. Visit a Kentucky Humanities program to learn more about how we embrace the humanities to create change across our communities!

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