17 Jan

February is African American History Month

Every February, people across the United States celebrate African American History Month. Kentucky Humanities honors the contributions of African Americans who helped shape our nation and our state's history, bringing their stories to life with our Kentucky Chautauqua performers. 
Our Chautauqua performers travel to school and community organizations across the state delivering historically accurate dramatizations of Kentuckians and their valuable contributions. This program offers a variety of stories from African Americans and those who fought for equal rights. Hear from William Wells Brown, the first published African American author and playwright; Charlotte Dupuy, an enslaved woman who sued her enslaver, Henry Clay, for her freedom; John G. Fee, the son of a slave-owner who fought for abolition and planted the seeds for Berea College; Nancy Green, who used her business savvy to gain financial independence and invest in her community; and many others who contributed greatly to our nation's history. 
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