Speakers Introduction

Beginning 2/25/15 there are no more reduced cost Speaker's Bureau Programs available until August 1, 2015.  If you would like to book one of our speakers in the Speakers Bureau before August 1, 2015, it will be a full-cost program.  The full cost booking fee is $300.

The 2014-2015 catalog is your source for all things Kentucky.  From unique Kentucky cuisine and music to government and African American history, our Speakers Bureau features a fantastic group of the Commonwealth's finest scholars, historians, writers, and poets. A description of each presentation is included to assist you in finding the perfect program for your group.

Download the latest Kentucky Humanities Council 2014-2015 Whole Humanities Catalog.

2014-2015 Speakers Roster

Calendar of Upcoming Chautauqua Presentations and Speakers Bureau Talks

How and When to Schedule KHC Speakers


1. Speakers are available to community groups anywhere in Kentucky. Minimum audience size: 25 adults.

2. The Speakers Bureau is not available at reduced cost to college sponsors as part of course credit. It is available at full cost ($300) to these groups and to for-profit organizations.

3. Admission to Speakers Bureau programs must be free if you are hosting a reduced-cost event. Admission may be charged at full-cost programs.

4. The Kentucky Humanities Council pays each speaker's honorarium and travel directly. Sponsors are responsible for overnight accommodations, if needed.

5. All "featured speakers" will travel statewide. Some speakers" may, as noted in the listings, restrict their travel to certain regions. Please review their listing and check the map before booking your event.

6. This booking season will end July 31, 2015. Submit your request early to get your event on the calendar.

7. An assisted-listening device for people with hearing loss is available from the Kentucky Humanities Council. Your sponsor's packet will include instructions for acquiring it.

Speakers Bureau Regional Travel Map

Some speakers have travel restrictions. Please review their listing and check the map before booking your event.

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