Telling Kentucky's Story

Poetry Month

APRIL - 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 Frank X Walker
2 Kathleen Driskell
3 Jeremy Paden
4 Tasha Cotter
5 Richard Taylor
6 Jeff Worley
7 Frank X Walker
8 Kathleen Driskell
9 Jeremy Paden
10 Tasha Cotter
11 Richard Taylor
12 Jeff Worley
13 Frank X Walker
14 Kathleen Driskell
15 Jeremy Paden
16 Tasha Cotter
17 Richard Taylor
18 Jeff Worley
19 Frank X Walker
20 Kathleen Driskell
21 Jeremy Paden
22 Tasha Cotter 23 Richard Taylor 24 Jeff Worley 25 Frank X Walker 26 Kathleen Driskell 27 Jeremy Paden
28 Tasha Cotter 29 Richard Taylor 30 Jeff Worley

4/1: Frank X Walker reads "Terrain" by Crystal Wilkinson

4/2: Kathleen Driskell reads her poem "To the Outdoor Wedding"

4/3: Dr. Jeremy Paden reads Cesar Vallejo

4/4: Tasha Cotter reads "Author's Prayer" by Illya Kaminsky

4/5: Dr. Richard Taylor reads "Wildness" from his collection "The Feast of Silence"

4/6: Poet Laureate Jeff Worley reads his poem "Ode to a Sharped Shinned Hawk"

4/7: Frank X Walker reads "Botany for Kumasi"

4/8: Kathleen Driskell reads her poem "The Mower"

4/9: Dr. Jeremy Paden reads "Temptation of a Poet" by R.S. Thomas

4/10: Tasha Cotter reads her poem "Dormant"

4/11: Richard Taylor reads "Topography" by Sharon Olds

4/12: Jeff Worley reads his own poem "On My Death Bed"

4/13: Frank X Walker reads his poem "In Another Universe"

4/14: Kathleen Driskell reads "Those Winter Sundays" by Robert Hayden

4/15: Dr. Jeremy Paden reads his poem "Ars Poetica"

4/16: Tasha Cotter reads "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop

4/17: Dr. Richard Taylor reads "Traveling through the Dark" by William Stafford

4/18: Poet Laureate Jeff Worley reads "The First Book" by Rita Dove

4/19: Frank X Walker reads "Praisesong for Mountain" by Bianca Lynne Spriggs

4/20: Kathleen Driskell reads her poem "Why I Mother You the Way I Do"

4/21: Dr. Jeremy Paden reads "The Wisdom of Insecurity" by Vassar Miller