Telling Kentucky's Story


Kentucky Humanities magazine is serious about telling Kentucky's story.


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Josephine Clay

by Maryjean Wall

Turning Dreams into Reality

In Search of the Humanities

by James Duane Bolin

The Lady Who Helped Blind Children See

Kentucky Women: Their Lives and Times

Edited by Melissa A. McEuen & Thomas H. Appleton, Jr.

Reprinted with permission from The University of Georgia Press


Matilda Lewis Threlkeld

by Craig Thompson Friend

Searching for Kentucky's Female Frontier

MaryJane Warfield Clay

by William Kuby

Wifely Devotion, Divorce, and Rebirth in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky

Emilie Todd Helm & Mary Todd Lincoln

by Angela Escoe Elder

"We Weep Over Our Dead Together"


Enid Yandell

by Juilee Decker

Kentucky's Frontier Sculptor and "Bachelor Maid"


Madeline McDowell Breckinridge

by Lindsey Apple

A Sense of Mission

Yes, they too were Kentuckians

by James C. Claypool

Jane Crawford

Conversations Around the Kitchen Table

by Lois Mateus

Mr. Bear

by Georgia Green Stamper