Telling Kentucky's Story

How to book school programs

Selecting and booking the program:

1) Browse through our catalog of characters, and contact your selected Chautauqua performer at least four weeks prior to the event to see if s/he is available to speak to your group.

  • Refer to grade level suggestions and curriculum ideas to inform your decision. Please note that the presentations are not appropriate for grades K-3.
  • Please contact your speaker before contacting the Kentucky Humanities Council.

2) Once a date/time is confirmed with the presenter, fill out and submit a booking form either online or from our catalog.

3) You will receive a packet in the mail. This packet will include your contract, an invoice, an evaluation form, a core content CD, and promotional material.

4) Sign and send one copy of the contract along with your booking fee and invoice to the KHC.

Send another copy of your contract to the presenter.

  • The Kentucky Humanities Council will pay the presenter directly.
  • The Kentucky Humanities Council will provide lodging for the presenter, if needed.


1) Use the core content CD provided in your packet

  • Utilize the curriculum guide to connect the presentation to your lessons
  • Review pre-show questions
  • Review audience behavior with your students

2) Read the introduction for the Chautauqua presenter

Enjoy the presentation!


1) Send the Educator’s Report evaluation form to KHC.

This form can also be submitted online.

2) Write thank you letters to sponsors and legislators.

  • Following your program, you will be receiving a letter in the mail with more information.


You can reach the Kentucky Humanities Council by email at or by phone at (859) 257-5932