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Kentucky Humanities is preparing for the 34th year of our Speakers Bureau. In 2016-2017 our Speakers booked 103 talks, reaching nearly 5,700 people.

KH speakers are scholars with either a Master's or Ph.D. degree in the humanities or published authors in a humanities discipline. We also have a special catalog offering of "Kentucky Writers,” featuring creative writers who may or may not be currently teaching at a college or university.

Groups using the Speakers Bureau include historical societies, libraries, civic clubs, art & literary clubs, trade associations, professional societies, museums, leadership organizations, churches, and other community groups across the state.

Please use the form below to submit an application to be a considered for the Kentucky Humanities Speaker's Bureau. Applications are due on Friday, April 20, 2018. Applications are reviewed by an internal committee. Speakers will be notified if they have been selected to be listed in the catalog for additional information.

Information for Speakers


  • A. Arrangements: Groups will contact you to arrange specific dates, times, locations, and special requirements (piano, projector, podium, etc.). Groups are asked to give you at least a two-week notice, and the number of talks you agree to give will depend upon your availability. Please make sure sponsors have applied for funding and have sent you a confirmation form prior to your presentation. If they do not, call KH for confirmation prior to your talk.
  • B. Payments: You are paid directly by Kentucky Humanities. After each presentation, submit a request for payment (with any meal or toll receipts attached) to KH.
    1. KH will pay you an honorarium of $175.00 per presentation and reimburse you for mileage at $.40 per mile (for total round trip distances exceeding 10 miles), tolls, and actual meal expenses while in transit, not to exceed $5.00 for breakfast, $8.00 for lunch, and $16.00 for dinner. Out-of-state speakers are paid up to $75 toward mileage at $.40 per mile if driving or toward plane fare if flying. If an overnight stay is necessary, it is the host group's responsibility to provide or pay for lodging. Please clarify any need for overnight accommodations with the program sponsor.
    2. KH will not withhold taxes from your payment but will report honoraria income to the IRS.
  • C. Advocacy: Under National Endowment for the Humanities guidelines, any speaker or program funded by KH/NEH must refrain from advocating political, ideological, religious, or partisan points of view.



  • A. Procedure
    1. The host group will contact the speaker at least two weeks in advance of the desired presentation date regarding available dates, time, and location.
    2. The host group will fill out the speaker request form in the KH Speakers Bureau catalog and return it to the KH for approval. Funding approval is dependent on the availability of KH funds earmarked for KH Speakers programs and sponsoring organizations' eligibility.
    3. The host group contacts the speaker to confirm the topic, dates, equipment needs, and any other special requirements, such as meals or accommodations.
  • B. Requirements: The host group must be a non-profit organization. While the presentations must be free of charge and open to the public, donations may be requested. The host group will be required to provide overnight lodging if necessary. Organizations booking speakers at cost may charge admission.



  • KH will provide funding for speakers when the above conditions have been met, and will act as a liaison between speakers and host organizations when necessary.


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