Kentucky Humanities is celebrating our 50th anniversary! 
In February, 1972, five Kentuckians visited Washington for a briefing on a new National Endowment for the Humanities program. Congress had instructed NEH to set up state-based affiliates to support humanities projects at the local level. Within two months, these five had established a 15-member Board of Directors and a two-person staff housed in offices donated by the University of Kentucky.
Now it is time to celebrate 50 years of Telling Kentucky's Story! Our anniversary committee has been planning the celebration for more than a year.
We hope you will join the celebration throughout the year:
  • Join us at our six regional anniversary events.
  • Visit our social media channels or our website each Monday for our 50 Faces of the Humanities.
  • Check out the spring and fall issues of Kentucky Humanities magazine.
  • Follow us on Instagram (@KyHumanities) as college students from across the Commonwealth takeover, sharing humanities happenings at their institutions.
  • Invest in our celebration by making a contribution of $50 (or any amount) for our 50th anniversary.
We look forward to continue Telling Kentucky's Story for the next 50 years.

Social Media Takeover

To involve humanities students at colleges and universities throughout Kentucky during our 50th anniversary, we have invited colleges and universities statewide to take over our Instagram account for one week and post humanities events, ideas, or facts from their college or university. Follow our Instagram account @KyHumanities to see their posts throughout the year. Click here to see schedule of Instagram Takeovers.
Help support the 50th anniversary celebration by making a contribution by clicking the donate button below.
Or if you prefer, you may mail a check to us at
Kentucky Humanities Council, 206 E. Maxwell St., Lexington KY  40508.
Please add 50th anniversary to the memo.
Thank you to the following who have already supported our celebration.
  • Christopher and Kathleen Pool
  • Marianne Stoess
  • Alice Stahl
  • Michael Burnett
  • Robert S. Cox
  • Don J. Dampier
  • Sharon Fields
  • Martha Clark
  • Al and Patti Cross
  • Ward and Joan Crowe
  • Susan and Michael Held
  • Margaret Verble
  • Gary and Elizabeth Hansen
  • Carl and Cindy Leonard
  • Paul C. Hager in honor of Dr. John Bolin
  • Arturo Alonzo Sandoval
  • City Of Elkton
  • Marilyn Ann Denton
  • Elmer Lucille Allen
  • Fredia J. Blackwell
  • James Duane and Evelyn Bolin
  • Mary Katherine Bradley
  • James L. "Buddy" Gallenstein
  • Dick and Mary Usher
  • Terry Foody
  • William H. Denham
  • Eric Furgé
  • William G. Scott
  • Paula and Bill Cunningham
  • Jean M. Dorton
  • Dirk and Christie Cook in memory of Dennis T. Dorton
  • Mary and Charles Helfrich
  • Kathy Loeb
  • Phyllis MacAdam
  • Mason Morton
  • John Wilhoit and Sue Churchill in memory of Jane Gentry Vance
  • Richard Taylor
  • Daisy Holt
  • Mary Ellen Klatte in memory of Edwin D. Smathers
  • Ada M. Taylor
  • Teresa Day
  • City of Sacramento
  • Jean FrazierGina M. Harpring
  • Virginia Carter in honor of David I. Carter
  • Alan R. Gould
  • Les and Barbra Renkey
  • Faye E. Melton
  • Hazel M. Morris
  • Charles L. Shearer
  • Carroll and Kay Hall
  • Debra Faulk/Rainbow Attractions, LLC
  • Harold Barker
  • Claire Mutter
  • Daniel D. Nahum
  • Janice Osborne
  • Jerry and Judy Rhoads
  • Lynda Sherrard
  • Jewel Vanderhoef
  • Wanda Sullivan
  • Ruth Ann Palumbo
  • Kathleen and Chris Pool in honor of David Carter's 95th birthday
  • Susan Abbott-Jamieson
  • Jill Hoskins
  • Wayne Onkst
  • Stephen Ruschell
  • Derek Vaughan
  • Susan Westrom
  • Susan Henninger
  • Jane Bartram
  • Cecile McKinney
  • Richard and Barbara Domek
  • Stephen Vest/Kentucky Monthly
  • Ken and Deanna Wolf in honor of Kathleen Pool
  • Gerald W. Fischer in memory of Fran Fischer
  • Dr. Randy Patterson in honor of Doris Della
  • Jane B. Stephenson
  • Gene Stinchcomb
  • Sharon Sweeney
  • Dr. Larry C. Johnson
  • Dr. Christopher Beckham
  • Katherine and David Boswell
  • Tammy Horn Potter
  • William F. Riddle
  • Stuart Tobin
  • Mary Lynn Collins
  • William R. and Ida Harris
  • Highlands Museum and Discovery Center
  • Duane and Anne Murner
  • Dena R. Lawing
  • Ann Chesnut